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has exploded into a global mission that’s prevented over 2.7 billion single-use plastic bags + over 2.6 million plastic straws from entering our oceans and landfills. 🌊 💚
"Feel-Good Freshness LunchSkins Sandwich Bags: LunchSkins disposable paper sandwich bags are made from glassine or pure wood pulp to keep food fresh until you're ready to eat"
Celebrate Earth Month With 7 Purposefully-Made Products You Can Find at Walmart
Walmart - April 27, 2022
"In 2020, our homes became more than just a place where we eat and sleep. Our homes are now our schools, our offices, and our playgrounds. Joining us today was parenting contributor, Carly Dorogi of Capital M Media, to help us reimagine our homes and create more organized, efficient, and beautiful spaces for our families."
Creating Beautiful Family Spaces
ABC News Portland
"Lunchskins help us reimagine our homes and create more organized, efficient, and beautiful spaces for our families. "
#PlanetFriendly products like #Lunchskins,
ABC News Tampa
"Between swimming, volleyball-playing, and sandcastle-building, you're bound to work up an appetite. Pack snacks and sandwiches in a reusable bag like these ones from Lunchskins."
25 game-changing beach essentials you need this summer
USA TODAY - June 18, 2020
"We recommend using these Lunchskins reusable sandwich bags (which are the best ones our experts have tested) because they're environmentally-friendly and will keep your food fresh for longer."
Traveling this summer? These 12 things will keep you safe and comfortable
USA TODAY - June 16, 2020
"Described by reviewers as a ‘perfect sandwich bag replacement,’ "
Best Reusable Sandwich Bags
"Lunchskin bags are durable, affordable, and an alternative to single-use plastic bags."
20 Women-Owned Businesses to Support
Cafe Mom
"USA TODAY Today called Lunchskins "sustainable products to try this Earth Day!"
18 great sustainable products to try this Earth Day
USA Today - April 22, 2020
"Nixing the single-use, disposable plastic baggies for good requires a great eco-alternative like resealable sandwich bags. If you’re frequently packing a lunch or traveling and bringing food along, take your zero waste habits up a notch by storing them in a reusable bag."
10 Plastic-Free Kitchen Essentials To Help You Go Zero-Waste On A Budget
The Good Trade - March 06, 2020
"The Starer Kit from Lunchskins replaces two of the world's greatest plastic pollutants"
NEW PRODUCTS - Plastic-Free Stater Kit
Vitamin Retailer - March 01, 2020
"They're lightweight and easy to wash—plus, they transport seamlessly when you're on-the-go. We're also a fan of LunchSkins."
Go Green in the Kitchen with These Sustainable Alternatives to Plastic Wrap
Martha Stewart - January 06, 2020
"LunchSkins FDA-grade sandwich and snack bags ($10.99 for a two-bag set) are light but sturdy and dishwasher safe. "
Reusable sandwich bags make going green easy
Boston Globe - January 05, 2020
"The signature product comes in a variety of styles, including sandwich bags, those for snacks, gallon-sized options, and lunch sacks."
8 Eco-Friendly Gift Ideas For Environmentalists
Wiki Vids - January 09, 2020
"Amazing paper sandwich bag that replace plastic bags."
Tips To Ease Lunch Prep
CTV News - September 03, 2019
"Lunchskins makes reusable sandwich and snack bags, but to be honest, it’s these bags that win the day."
The best eco-friendly containers to save you from Sad Desk Lunch syndrome
Washington Post - August 20, 2019
"We came across these at Target and were thrilled to find an alternate to plastic baggies. "
Don't Miss The Coolest School Stuff
Tampa Bay Parenting Mag
"KEEP IT SIMPLE: For the minimalist and environmentally conscious among us, Lunchskins are reusable, washable bags in which to store what you're bringing to the office."
Bring your office to work in style
Times Union
" Lunchskins Reusable bags beat plastic baggies any day!"
How To Raise A Wild Child: What To Pack For Your Adventure
Mind Body Green - June 28, 2019
""Resuable bags are a great option for sending cut veggies, apple slices, or foods that don’t need a hard container. I also love Lunchskins,""
Live Simply
""This helps to cut back on food and plastic waste — and it tastes better, too," says Amis Cameron. To avoid buying plastic baggies, seal kids' sandwiches in LunchSkins"."
How Suzy Amis Cameron, Famke Janssen, Discovery and Bad Robot Reduce Plastic Waste
Hollywood Reporter
"“Avoid using single-use plastic bags; opt for dishwasher-safe fabric LunchSkins bags for dry snacks like popcorn and pretzels.”"
Ditch Teflon, refuse receipts, and other simple changes to help reduce waste and dangerous chemicals in your kitchen
ST. Louis Magazine - June 19, 2019
""There are well-designed alternatives coming out in lots of colors and patterns, and they function really well," says Woodruff. The chic, durable baggies from Lunchskins."
10 Easy Ways to Be More Sustainable at Work and Home
Elle - June 06, 2019
"“Now, we have these ‘lunchskins’. You can just put them in the dishwasher or wipe them out – we put all the sandwiches in there.”"
Irish schools are going plastic-free - but are parents ready?
Irish Times
"f you’re looking for more ways to reduce your plastic waste, we recently rounded up a few reusable lunch containers that are plastic-free, paper sandwich bags from LunchSkins. "
How Trader Joe's Plans to Reduce Plastic Packaging This Year
Food & Wine
"Pack it up, pack it in, let us begin: These sealable sandwich and snack bags can be tossed into your dishwasher...."
Down to Earth Mindfully made staples you'll wonder how you lived without.
The Oprah Magazine
"LunchSkins was founded by Kirsten Quigley, an environmentalist and mother of four who wanted to make packing food less wasteful. "
Shop these women-run brands
"Stock up on reusable containers and wraps: Clear out your Ziploc and Saran wrap drawer, and fill it with Lunchskins."
A relatively painless guide to cutting plastic out of your life!
Fast Company
"Convenience is king when we’re time-pressed, meal-prepping our lunches, or packaging leftovers. Luckily, some great brands have taken that into account with packaging that’s environmentally sound. "
10 Ways to Lead a Cleaner, Greener Life
The Every Girl
"LunchSkins, which makes sandwich bags made from paper. Reusable everything is what the market is turning toward."
2019 Health Food Trends
Chopra Center
"LunchSkins is hardly the new kid on the block."
Startup of the Week: Meet LunchSkins
Washington Business Journal - January 30, 2019
"The LunchSkins Recyclable + Resealable Paper Sandwich Bags Review"
Clearly the world needs to change its attitudes to plastic, and products such as the LunchSkins recyclable and resealable paper sandwich bags are aiming to do just that
Globo Surf - January 24, 2019
"For those times when you need a disposable bag."
The Lunchbox
"In my quest to use less plastic, I also stumbled on these cute and durable paper bags, which have sweet red apples (or sharks) on them."
These compostable sandwich bags are an easy way to go green this year
"Here are the best reusable sandwich bags on the market ranked, in order: #1 Lunchskins Reusable 2-Pack Bag Set"
The Best Reusable Sandwich Bags of 2019
USA TODAY | Reviewed.com
"If you're worried about plastic (and even paper) ending up in a landfill — or worse, our oceans — consider buying washable, reusable sandwich and snack bags. Here are highly rated picks from our parent panel:"
Back-to-school lunch gear that makes healthy eating even easier
NBC News
"LunchSkins, an American company that exists since 2008 and has been producing smarter, prettier and eco-friendly alternatives: a reusable sandwich/snack bags made from pastry cloth and a recyclable and sealable plastic-free sandwich/snack bag! "
Ditching disposables: How to prepare waste-free lunches
Global News Montreal
"LunchSkins Paper Bags redefine the way you sustainably pack your midflight snacks. "
It’s Easy to Be Green: Eco-Friendly Accessories for the Thoughtful Traveler
AFAR Magazine - September 14, 2018
"If you’re looking to ditch disposable plastics in favor of stylish reusable products, environmental consultant Kirsten Quigley — founder of LunchSkins"
5 Female-Led Design + Decor Brands to Check Out Now
HGTV - September 11, 2018
"Instead of relying on the often-unhealthy vending machine, pack a portion-controlled snack in one of these cute, eco-friendly bags. "
8 To-Go Containers That Make Bringing Lunch to Work So Much Easier
Health Magazine
"Despite environmental concerns, Ziploc bags have been a consistent trend in the U.S., but LunchSkins is helping people kick the habit with alternatives like reusable lunch carriers and recyclable paper snack and sandwich bags."
Green and Trendy Back-to-School Supplies
Make Change
"Today’s parents have another concern—whether the lunchbox, thermos and food packaging they purchased for their child are safe and healthy."
The Eco-friendly Lunchbox
Vitamin Retailer
Gotta Have It: Back to School Lunch
ABC News - Twin Cities 5 - August 16, 2018
"Use reusable bags instead of baggies!"
Pack a waste-free lunch
In & Around Magazine
"Own school lunch with Lunchskins Paper Bags"
Stack, Wrap & Pack
"The apple design on these plastic-free bags is adorable."
Refresh The Gear
Parents Magazine
"LunchSkins estimates that just one of their reusable bags will keep 500 pieces of plastic out of landfills, all without adding a single step to the chore of packing lunches."
19 Practical Eco-Friendly Products for Everyday Life (#12)
"Sealable Paper Quart Bags!"
New Products
Simply Gluten Free Magazine
"These cute sandwich bags are recyclable and compostable. Made from grease resistant paper, they seal with a sticky strip to keep contents fresh."
What to Buy Food Storage - Lunchtime Fun
Better Home & Gardens
"These adorable bags are perfect for the kids PB&J! Quick and easy cleaning."
You Can Take It With You
Redbook Magazine
"Maybe you're not a full-fledged eco-warrior, but you still want to make a difference at home. Here's how you can take baby steps to play nice with Mother Nature.There are greener alternatives, like, a snazzy company that fashions all shapes and sizes of reusable pouches for sandwiches and other foods."
9 Genius Product Swaps for a Less Wasteful Home
" Even if you’ve got a great lunch box, you sometimes want to wrap up a sandwich. We’re big fans of the beautiful, reusable, easy-to-clean envelopes made by Lunchskins. They’re environmentally friendly and so cute you’ll want to borrow them for your own lunch."
Tips and products to pack school lunch without breaking a sweat
"Eco-conscious families will love Jennifer Garner's alternative to the ubiquitous plastic baggie — Lunchskins "
Celebaby Style: 10 Holiday Gift Ideas Inspired by Hollywood's Trendiest Tots
Pop Sugar
"Eco-friendly living for the every day home. Lunchskins bags help to solve the plastic pollution problem. "
Eco-Friendly Household Tips
ABC News
"LunchSkins founders speak with Katie Couric to talk about being Mom-Preneurs and about your favorite green baggies!"
3greenoms Chat with Katie Couric!
Katie Couric
"Reduce your carbon footprint with eco-friendly cape cod style: It's how Jackie O would hit the Vineyard. Lunchskins bags by 3greenmoms"
Island Sound
Marie Claire
"#1 LunchSkins With this eco-friendly option, your sandwich’s carry case will be just as unique as your taste in food. "
8 Reusable Sandwich Bags
Real Simple
"One of the reasons I started my website is that I wanted a place for women to come together and dream. We women need to know that we don’t have to hang on to an old dream that has stopped nurturing us — that there is always time to start a new dream. This week’s story is about two moms who stumbled upon an ingenius idea and ran with it. Today, their environmentally-friendly product is on shelves at top retailers and in children’s lunchboxes across the country. It’s remarkable how far one little idea can go! -– Marlo, MarloThomas.com"
Two Moms Turn A Green Idea Into Millions
Huffington Post
"Amy Goodman joins TODAY with tips to get your family to their destination peacefully, including having kids play with a reusable sticker pad, and traveling with neck pillows that will actually work for your children."
How to keep kids busy and comfortable on summer road trips
Today Show
"These Velcro bags are dishwasher-safe and come in tons of sizes, prints, and colors, so you never have to succumb to disposable."
Genius Lunch Boxes, Containers, and Gear for Grown-Ups
Shape Magazine
"Store healthy snacks in this cotton Lunchskins apple bag."
Gadgets for Girls
US Weekly
"10 Fabulous Finds for $50 or Less. Lunchskins Sandwich Bags - These reusable “Baggies” are dishwasher-safe."
Trends Worth Trying
Real Simple
"Reusable Lunchskins bags go in the dishwasher to clean $8 and up."
Meals To Go
Rachel Ray Magazine
"Instead of pawing around with plastic when you eat lunch at your desk try these reusable snack and sandwich bags."
A Good Wrap
Prevention Magazine
"Pack a more eco-friendly lunch for your kiddos with a reusable sandwich bag. They come in a variety of cute colors and patterns, plus they’re dishwasher safe and toxin-free. "
Best Back-to-School Supplies
Parents Magazine
"LUNCHSKINS BAGGIES - I put my son Gus's sandwiches and snacks in these reusable bags to cut down on plastic waste. ~ Lisa Martin Sr. Photo Editor"
Go Green Like Our Editors
In Style Magazine
"Sometimes mothers are the mother of invention. Three of them, appalled by their families' plastic sandwich bag use (and the country's—estimated at more than 20 million a day), created LunchSkins, cheerful, reusable, dishwasher-safe sandwich and snack sacks. Read more: http://www.oprah.com/food/buy-food-gifts-online-the-best-online-food-vendors/all#ixzz58RlU8JeN"
The Joy of Sacks
O Magazine
"Reusable Snack Bags- How many plastic sandwich bags does your family go through in a year? Make perfect portions and save some serious plastic with these fancy, fun, reusable sandwich and snack bags from LunchSkins. "
Five ways to pack a healthy school lunch
Daily News Philly
"“It hadn’t even occurred to me to question that part of our routine,” says Quigley, 48, who grew up in Rockville and lives in Potomac. Learning that an estimated 20 million plastic sandwich bags were thrown out every day was an “aha” moment that made her think about what she could do differently."
Green Gurus
Bethesda Magazine
Green Award
Parent Tested Parent Approved Winner
Nexty Award Best New Natural Living Product Finalist
Favorite Family-Friendly Businesses
Certified Women Owned Business
★ ★ ★ ★ ★
"Mom of two Jessica Alba uses Lunchskins reusable baggies to give her girls healthy treats on the go. Offered in colorful prints including pears, lizards and birds, the pouches "are great for snacks like raw carrots, broccoli, and a homemade almond, dried cranberry, and granola mix" the actress and founder of The Honest Company has said."
★ ★ ★ ★ ★
"We are already happy LunchSkins users and try to use our pouches as much as possible but sometimes we just need to be able to toss it when we're done so we will use Ziploc and I hate it, especially if it's something for my kids. Much happier with this new idea! I would say fingers crossed but this is so clearly going to kick butt!"
V Puri
★ ★ ★ ★ ★
"I'm tired of toxic plastic bags and their smell clinging onto food. So far these are performing great. I can fit a small avocado and three hard boiled eggs in 1 bag! I love the graphics and I "keep it real" with nature!"
★ ★ ★ ★ ★
"So handy and cute! It's for my son's first school lunch and I had fun writing his name on it. Made it official! He's almost 3 and was able to open it easily. It's cleans easily and is super cute."
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