May 03, 2016

LunchSkins: Changing The Future of Ocean Plastic Pollution


LunchSkins is changing the future of ocean plastic pollution by launching a new line of reusable bags to replace billions of single-use, throw away plastic baggies. The mission-driven bags give back to global leaders in the fight to end plastic waste devastating our oceans and sea life.

“The LunchSkins mission is all about reducing global plastic waste and we’ve teamed up with some powerful advocates for plastic free oceans, with impressive results,” said Kirsten Quigley, Founder/CEO of LunchSkins. “Already, our LunchSkins bags have replaced billions of plastic bags -- and we’re just getting started.”

The LunchSkins Sea Turtle cause bag is based off of many species that are being put at risk because of plastic pollution. “First, it was the Seabird and now LunchSkins hopes to raise awareness about the thousands of Sea Turtles who mistake plastic for jellyfish, a mainstay of their diet, and ingest it,” said Anna Cummins, Executive Director, 5 Gyres Institute. “100% of all sea turtle species are threatened by our plastic pollution – they get entangled in it, or they mistake it for food. It's time to to do away with our throw away culture – the bags, bottles, straws, and packaging that we all see fouling our communities and oceans.”

Just one LunchSkins reusable bag replaces 500 throw away plastic baggies.

What started with a few moms as a way to reduce waste in their local school has now grown into a collaboration of many people around the world committed to finding sustainable solutions for the fast-growing issue of ocean plastic pollution. “We created our LunchSkins brand as a smart, sustainable solution to disposable plastic bags and as an example of how a socially responsible company can give back and guide the daily choices that impact our environment, our health and our future,” Quigley said.

Plastic Facts: Intended to be disposable but built to last forever, plastic is found everywhere: in our oceans and in our bodies (harmful PVC) and overflowing landfills. 50% of plastic is used only once then thrown away, 90% of all trash floating on the ocean’s surface is plastic, with over 46,000 pieces of plastic per square mile contributing to the death of millions of sea turtles and dolphins and other sea creatures, who mistake plastic for jellyfish and ingest it.

LunchSkins Partners: 5Gyres Institute, Sea Turtle Conservancy, Healthy Child, Healthy World, NAAEE, Smithsonian National Zoo, Washed Ashore Project, the National Aquarium and South Carolina Aquarium. LunchSkins also works with schools across the U.S. to promote education and sustainable solutions in classrooms and lunchrooms, with plans to boost outreach to participating schools over the next two years.

How LunchSkins Gives Back: 

  • Create givebacks, like our Sea Turtle and Seabird design cause bags, with a portion of proceeds going to various mission partners
  • Support the conservation and education programs of many mission and peer partners
  • Feature “Did you know? educational postcards inside every LunchSkins bag
  • Work with schools to promote education and reduce plastic use

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