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Repeat purchase

We have been using these sandwich bags for some time. They are well made, reliable, seal nicely, and keep sandwiches together. Our original reason for trying them in the first place was to reduce plastic in the house. We continue to use them because they are a good product that gets the job done.

These are great and I feel a good value.


Soooo much fun for my kids lunches (us adults too!)! The large note area is a bonus! Highly recommend!

Reusable bags

Love them & the color! They work well! I still have some from years ago! They last a long time! Thank you!

Best Snack Bags!

I love these! They are a great size, I have had no issues with any of the snacks I have put in them. Love that these are recyclable, no more plastic bags for sure. These are my new go to!

Great Snack Bags!

These bags are great! The seal works perfect and secures all the snacks I have used them for. Love that I am able to use these in place of plastic bags. Great product and environmentally conscious, definitely a win!

Unconventional use, excellent product

We keep a box of Lunchkins next to the litterbox for our cat. We scoop waste from the box into Lunchkins, seal them, and then place them into an ash bin on the porch that we empty once a day or so. Lunchkins hold up without leaks or messes and help us keep the box and the house fresh.

Better than plastic

For most uses I just don 't need a zip bag. These can go directly in the compost when I'm done with it. I use them for storing small leftover things including cheese and avo halves. They keep things as fresh or better than plastic.

Reusable Velcro Sandwich Bag + Snack Bag 2-Pack Bundle Bear

Striped bags are a hit!

These bags work great for sandwiches, chips, etc., and I feel great for NOT adding more plastic to the landfill. Plus the stripes look so festive. :-)

Love, love, love!! No plastic!

Good bags

There are too many bad coatings on food bags and papers out there, too much plastic in the world! Lunchskins solves this problem, and attractively.

Sandwich and snack bags

Love these so much! Send them as gifts as Christmas time to family members! Use them regularly everyday!

For my grand girls to take in their lunch boxes

Bulk lasts and is affordable!

Thank you for helping me to save money with a bulk purchase of a great product.

Best bags ever

Perfect size and weight and no plastic! Our family loves them.


Really liked it

Great quality and feels like the paper sacks you get from Starbucks

Recyclable Sandwich Bags Apple

Bake Sale

I ordered a variety of sizes of the bags as my women’s group is doing a Bake Sale at church and we wanted to help the environment!

Haven’t Used Them Yet

I haven’t used them yet, but I am sure they will be great. I have enjoyed my reusable Lunchkins for years.

Great product, just love them!

Compostable Sandwich Bags Avocado

Love lunchskins

Love the snack, size lunch skins

The best lunch bags!

I love these bags!! They are high quality with fun patterns!!