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Love these bags

These are amazing planet-friendly lunch bags. I always use the Recyclable XL Sandwich Bags which are great for large sandwiches and snacks for my son. They are durable, fun designs and have an easy to use seal.

Good solution

These are a good substitute for plastic sandwich bags. They are especially good for sandwiches that will be eaten within 24 hours.

These are the best!

I love that I’ve ditched plastic bags and these really make me happy for storing my sandwiches, wraps, and snacks. I use the XL sandwich size and the snack size. The quality, colors, and price are a winning combo! Super fast shipping is also wonderful.

So glad I discovered these bags

These bags are perfect for packing sandwiches, plus I reuse them several times--they are that sturdy and quite large. After 3 or 4 uses I recycle them. No plastic=a great product for our family and the earth.

These are great. Have used them for years.

Love the bags!

I love these bags. I use for anything and everything that fits.
Would love more designs and colors if you are up to it. Im an advertisement by simply using them.

Awesome bags

My kids love these! Great alternative to plastic bags

Wonderful cute reusable bags!

These are cute and sturdy. I love the combo of paperbags and reusable bags. Only negative is that the velcro area gets dirty in dishwasher. Will buy again. Thank you!

I have used these for years. Love them!!

Great Reusable Bags!

I hate using plastic so was thrilled when I stumbled upon these bags. They're perfect for what I was needing them for, primarily to store non perishable snacks for me and the family. Having 2 sizes is handy, and the velcro closure is fine, but makes it harder to "sneak" a snack! I also have the zippered and it's great as well.

Always pleased!

I love the zippered sandwich and snack bags! I am trying to get my family away from plastic. I am also trying to find an alternative to Saran Wrap now.

Love it

I use this bag for kids lunch. School provide lunch but my kids sometimes don’t eat all and they are hungry when they come back home. So I decided to let them bring a sandwich to school. It’s very cute design and easy to be sealed, also recyclable.
Will order more

Love These!!!!

These are perfect for portion control to pack goodies for snacking. Love the designs and variety of sizes.

Lunch bags are perfect

These are amazing. They fit a large sandwich perfectly and have the sealable strip at the top. LOVE THIS PRODUCT.

Great bags that keep everything contained

I love having a recyclable option for sandwich bags. I no longer want to use single use plastic and recycle and compost as much as possible.

Snack paper bags

So happy these composite snack paper bags are available. I use them quite often for my grandkids school snacks.


These are great bags for sandwiches and I love the stickers that come with it! Food stays great in it and the personal note section is my favorite. I will definitely buy these again!

Wonderful products

I’m very happy with my purchase. Fast delivery and product quality is top notch. Plan to expand my future business to include additional choices.

I bought the sandwich bags and snack bag with a seal. I really love how they are made and the feel of the paper. It’s exactly what I’ve been needing to switch from small plastic bags. The only thing I’ve found negative is the stickers to close the sandwich bags don’t reseal well after being opened. We will definitely continue to use and buy again.

Yup, still our favorite.

Gotta love em-Easy and on the landfill.

Perfect for lunches and dog treats

We use these to send snacks with our dog when she attends doggy day care. They are distinct and eco-friendly.

Orange is the new bag!

Love these! They are perfect for snacks! My little one loves his orange slices in these baggies. Thank you Lunchskins for making another GREAT product!

Bye Bye Ziploc

I have not seen snack bags anywhere. These are the first of their kind. They are perfectly sized, durable and affordable. I highly recommend!

Sturdy sandwich bags

Thick and sturdy! Perfect for to-go foods. Not grease proof. Still good to have though.