April 04, 2016

Get Eco-Friendly for Back to School with Lunchskins Reusable Bags at Target

(PRWEB) AUGUST 04, 2016

This fall, Lunchskins by 3greenmoms is partnering with Target, Klean Kanteen, Rock the Lunchbox, and popular snack brands to make Back to School easy, stylish, and eco-friendly.

Since 2008, Lunchskins has been on a mission to eliminate single-use plastic pollution by providing food-safe and dishwasher-friendly reusable bags in a variety of colors and prints. A mother to four children, founder and CEO of Lunchskins Kirsten Quigley seeks to "remove the hassle of Back to School shopping and focus instead on the new year ahead in eco-friendly style."

Lunchskins reusable sandwich and snack bags are taking over the Back to School aisle of Target in convenient two-pack sets. Available in three exclusive prints and colors including red monkey and stripe, blue whale and wave, and green stripe and dot, these two-pack sets are stylish, sturdy, non-toxic, and dishwasher-safe, allowing students, parents, and teachers to stay green for Back to School.

To kick off Back to School at Target, Lunchskins is partnering on social media with popular snack brands found in Target, including Angie’s BOOMCHICKAPOP, Snack Factory’s Pretzel Crisps, Stonyfield Organic yogurt, and Perfect Bar. Through a series of social media collaborations featuring Lunchskins two-pack sets alongside healthy, recognizable snack brands found in Target grocery aisles, Lunchskins and partners hope to promote healthy, sustainable choices and a “#snackgreen” mindset for Back to School.

In their shared mission to eliminate plastic pollution, Lunchskins also is partnering with Klean Kanteen to produce three bundles as part of Klean Kanteen's "#Bring Your Own" campaign. Designed to provide reusable alternatives to single-use plastic, these bundles each will include one Klean Kanteen stainless steel beverage bottle and one Lunchskins sandwich bag. Two adult-themed bundles and one kid-friendly bundle (featuring the Lunchskins 2016 Green Sea Turtle mission bag) will be available online starting August 8, 2016.

This August through September, Lunchskins sandwich and snack bag two-pack sets will be featured alongside Annie’s snacks and macaroni, Rudi’s Bakery organic and gluten-free breads, Honest Kids fruit juice pouches, Applegate organic cold cuts, Green Kid Crafts, and Bentology in the Rock the Lunchbox sweepstakes to win a month of lunches. Rock the Lunchbox and Lunchskins are dedicated to making healthy, green choices the norm by providing knowledge and encouragement to inspire kids to get involved in packing their lunches. For more information and details on how to enter, please see the Rock the Lunchbox sweepstakes page.

In just one year, each Lunchskins reusable sandwich, snack, or zipper bag replaces an average of 500 single-use plastic bags, preventing them from clogging up landfills and harming ocean life. Lunchskins products are tangible proof that it feels good to do good. To find out more about Lunchskins for Back to School, visit http://www.lunchskins.com.

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