Plastic is a problem!

Plastic is not only bad for your health with the hundreds of harmful chemicals that leach from the plastic into your food, its destroying our planet. By 2050, plastic in the oceans will outweigh fish, predicts a report from the Ellen MacArthur Foundation. Part of the reason is that plastic use has increased 20-fold in the last 50 years, and it's continuing to rise. *

What Can You Do?

  • Use a reusable shopping bag

  • Buy food in bulk whenever possible

  • Use cloth napkins and reusable utensils

  • Save leftovers and use them in another meal

  • Don't use plastic bags or plastic containers!

    • Pack your lunch in a reusable Lunchskins bag, or for those days when you need a disposable bag, use our NEW paper bags.

  • Don't use plastic water bottles!

    • Use a reusable water bottle

  • Avoid plastic straws and use paper straws.


 Refuse single-use plastic and choose plastic-free alternatives like Lunchskins. 


*article can be found here