We are passionate about our families, our environment and the little things we do each day that make a difference. We believe in giving our kids the tools to turn education into action. Since our start in 3 local Montessori, schools have always remained close to our hearts. We've supported hundreds of successful fundraisers with schools, PTAs and other educational non-profit groups.

Why Fundraise With Us? 

  • Buying & selling Lunchskins bags is easy and fun!
  • Earn up to 50% profit. Raising money by selling Lunchskins is easy and profitable.
  • Lunchskins bags reduce single-use plastic pollution, and promote a healthier lifestyle and planet.
  • Shipping is FREE!

Ready to get started?

  1. Contact us @ for up to 35% off promotional code. Requires a minimum purchase of $99.
  2. Go to select your products, enter your code and your done! We will ship your order in 5 business days or less for FREE!
  3. Please note that we do not provide any fundraising materials (price sheets, order forms, etc.).
  4. Send us your photos and we will promote your event on social media!