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We know life can be a balancing act between making a difference and getting out the door on time. Making choices that are good for you, your family, your wallet, and the planet can be tough, and it usually feels like something has to give. As a mother of four and lifetime environmentalist, I’ve experienced firsthand how everyday convenience doesn’t always play nicely with the bigger picture things we care about. 
Since 2008, LunchSkins has been on a mission to eliminate single-use plastic pollution by empowering you to make a difference every day with easy-to-use alternatives. LunchSkins Resuable Sandwich, Snack + Zip Bags have been a hit since their inception, and have been featured by the press and won numerous awards, including the gold standard of quality assurance, the Parent Tested Parent Approved award.
Almost a decade since we began our mission, LunchSkins continues to drive innovation in the food storage market and to challenge industry standards for the good of our health and that of our world. Join us in rejecting single-use plastic right at the kitchen counter with LunchSkins.







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"LunchSkins reusable baggies are great for snacks like raw carrots, broccoli, and a homemade almond, dried cranberry and granola mix."


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"These colorful little pockets are perfect for carrying snacks on the go or lunch to the office.  Best of all, they're dishwasher safe and BPA free."


Ivillage "Stuff We Love" Awards


"Sometimes mothers are the mother of invention."



"Totally genius and reusable answers to plastic baggies."