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lunchskins reusable sandwich bags are eco friendly:

It's easy to be eco-friendly when you’ve got LunchSkins. You'll get the convenience of plastic sandwich baggies with no waste. What makes LunchSkins so green?


lunchskins are reusable

The primary way that LunchSkins earn their green reputation is the fact that they are reusable. When you replace single-use sandwich baggies, you prevent hundreds or even thousands of baggies from ending up in landfills. The best way to be green is to reduce and reuse, and LunchSkins allows you to do both in one single step. Each LunchSkin is produced only once and can be used hundreds of times, reducing waste and pollution.

sustainable in every way

LunchSkins takes sustainability to heart, manufacturing each item by hand in the United States with an eye to helping both the environment and the community. LunchSkins reusable sandwich bags are made from thick cotton fabric that is manufactured in Europe by a family-owned business. We like knowing where our products come from and that they aren’t going to end up messing up the earth.

it's easy being green

Of course, being green is easier when the product is simple to use. Each LunchSkin is dishwasher safe for easy cleaning. Ready to cut down on sandwich bags and save money? Try LunchSkins today!

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