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why lunchskins?

why lunchskins?

Choose LunchSkins reusable sandwich bags because you want to do something good for Mother Nature. The plastic sandwich bags you've used for years take up space in landfills and often end up in the waterways where your family loves to swim. LunchSkins provide a green alternative while still offering the ease and convenience you've come to expect from disposable sandwich bags.

LunchSkins reusable sandwich bags are eco friendly
features of lunchskins

features of lunchskins:

Get to know us. Some of the major features of LunchSkins reusable sandwich bags include a dishwasher-safe fabric, colorful, cheerful patterns to match your style (and mood) and food-safe materials that don't leave plastic-flavors behind or leach worrisome chemicals into your food. Still want to know more? Check us out!

LunchSkins reusable storage bags are handsewn
lunchskin facts

lunchskins facts:

Every day, a shocking amount of sandwich bags from school lunches make their way into U.S. landfills. LunchSkins overcome this problem by offering a colorful, reusable solution. Each LunchSkin reusable sandwich bag features food-safe fabric, attractive designs, and best of all, LunchSkins are dishwasher safe. Get the facts here!

why LunchSkins reusable sandwich bags are food safe
lunchskins in the media

lunchskins in the media:

Everyone's talking about LunchSkins! From Martha Stewart to Oprah Magazine, everyone's excited about our take on reusable sandwich bags. Who wouldn't with our snazzy designs, dishwasher safe fabrics, and eco-friendly approach. But you don't have to take our word for it!

buzz about LunchSkins reusable storage bags
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