what’s better than a bake sale?...

Here are a few new ideas:

  • Holiday Boutique
  • Book Fair
  • School Picnic
  • Back to School Night

Whether it’s a one-time event
or ongoing fundraiser....

Here’s why:

  • raise money for your school
  • reduce lunch waste
  • help kids and families go green

a LunchSkins fundraiser!

Buy LunchSkins at a discount, resell at your price.
option 01

Purchase Lunchskins upfront at a discount and sell them at our retail prices, or higher. You keep the profit and help others reduce plastic waste with reusable sandwich and snack bags.

Consider a spring fundraiser for Earth Day. Purchase cartons of LunchSkins2 each with 48 sellable units (paired multipacks) and earn 75% to over 115% profit! Plus, earn another $25 on every school you refer that places an order. Contact fundraising@lunchskins.com to take advantage of this opportunity while supplies last.

Co-brand LunchSkins with your school logo.
option 02

Are you ready to make a statement? This is a great option for schools that want to reduce plastic waste and support their environmental curriculum. You can purchase LunchSkins with your logo at a discount, and sell them at your price. You keep the profits...and do something green for your school! We require a minimum order of 500 (for each sandwich and snack styles) and an art set up fee to screen your logo onto chosen patterns.  Contact us for details regarding price and logo requirements.

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