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Co-Founder Kirsten Quigley, a graduate of Stanford University, has a background with environmental organizations and as a consultant for non-profits. In addition to juggling tasks with 3greenmoms, she helps manage a small foundation dedicated to youth and the environment. During her free time, she dreams of skiing, hiking, biking, camping and exploring new places with her family and friends. Closer to home, you can find her pulling weeds in the garden or on her bike with any one of her active kids. Favorites include frogs, thunderstorms and pumpkin bread.



Co-Founder Cristina (Cris) Bourelly, a graduate of Duke University and Northwestern University School of Law, was once a corporate lawyer in charge of a number of development projects with the World Bank, governmental entities and private companies throughout the developing world. Now in her down time, she loves being outside hiking, horseback riding, skiing, running or hanging out on the beach or in the mountains with family and friends. Favorites include olives, salsa music and dance.



Creative Director Jennie Stoller Barakat, a graduate of Carnegie Mellon University, is a Los Angeles based graphic designer. Having lived in New York and worked on projects around the globe, she now has her own firm, Stoller Barakat Design. She is responsible for the design of all of those clever LunchSkin patterns as well as all of the corporate graphics. In her free time she enjoys pilates, modernist flea market finds and camping in Joshua Tree with her family and friends.


web designer

stoller barakat design

lifestyle photographer

john hoover

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