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Everyone making small efforts makes a big difference. Try using 1 or 2 fewer plastic baggies in every packed lunch. Using LunchSkins reusable sandwich and snack bags is an easy and stylish way to create a litterless lunch. 3greenmoms say, "reduce your daily lunchprint" by adding LunchSkins to your packed lunches
What to put in these sub-sized 8 x 7 inch lunchskins besides a large sandwich? Moms say these larger lunchskins are "perfect as a small lunch tote for traveling athletes", "perfect size for packing snacks for a road trip" and of course, the "perfect size for a slice of left over pizza."

Reusable Sub Sized Bags - Red Mosaic Reusable Sub Sized Bags - Navy Bike Reusable Sub Sized Bags - Green Stripe reusable sub sized bags - red spoons
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price: $10.95
*Limited Edition* $10.95
Red Mosaic Reusable Sub Sized Bag Navy Bike Reusable Sub Sized Bag Green Stripe Reusable Sub Sized Bag
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